Saturday, July 21, 2012

So I read an article in the Texas Watchdog yesterday "Would a dose of Texas..." which asked the question "Would schools like Penn State benefit from open records policies like Texas has?" The article talked about how Texas schools have a very transparent records system in place.

When referring to the latest scandal of Penn State, one must think the tragedy could have been avoided or possibly ended sooner. If any thing can be learned from this is that openness could play a part in protecting students and faculty from situations like this and others as well. I believe all schools should take a model after Texas schools.

It seems interesting to me and actually kind of a surprise that most schools aren't doing this. Especially with a governing association like the NCAA. I'm surprised that after the Penn State debacle that this is not being further looked into. I can understand private universities wanting to keep themselves private. But i do believe that if you are a public school than your records should be public. Taking in to the account that the taxes that we pay partially fund their institutions.

I agree with the hypothesis that all public schools should have a similar records system that Texas schools do. It makes things more transparent for all eyes to see. 

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